Sunday, June 19, 2016

On the Shores of Lake Superior

I am finally getting around to editing my pictures from almost a month ago! (Slacking, again)

Over Memorial Day weekend we ventured to the Porcupine Mountains,  for a weekend of camping. We watched the weather for MONTHS, knowing it would change often. The very first time we checked it it said rain... which I did not want to deal with for 2 nights/3 days of camping. We kept an eye on it, it changed a number of times , even changes during the same week. It was nice, no rain and sun, back to some rain, on it went . It even changed the NIGHT BEFORE. Luckily, I grabbed more clothes for the kids before we left town (you never know in the U.P) because it ended up raining. The very 1st forecast back in March was right after all.  We were wet and chilly for 1/2 a day and a night. IT sucked. I was about ready to throw in the towel on camping all together. Did I mention we didn't have any extra shoes? Fun stuff having to wear wet shoes the next day.  So you live and you learn, right? The rest of the weekend was beautiful.  I no feel hatred toward tenting it. 
I snapped a bunch of pictures so I will have a few blog entries!  Lake Superior is up first because that was MY highlight of the trip.

Gloomy 1st day


Early Sunset