Monday, March 26, 2012

Dinner & Dessert

Two other hobbies I have are cooking and baking. I’ve enjoyed cooking since I was in about 8th grade. I’d willingly cook 1 night a week for the family. For a brief moment in college I thought about going into culinary arts, but I did not. Ironically, most of the jobs I've ever had have been in food service.
    Nowadays I don't mind cooking, most nights, as long as I can cook something new a few times a week. Last night, I decided to make Pasta Carbonara. I've never made it or eaten it. It was pretty good and it was super easy to make.


the "sauce"


I also made dessert last night, which is not an everyday occurrence. I've been wanting to make a cake from scratch but I opted for something a little easier last night (I'll save the cake for another post). I made Carrot cake cheesecake bars, I got the recipe off Pinterest.  Personally, I didn't think they were "cheesy" enough.