Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crazy Story

Everyone that reads this blog knows I lost my point and shoot camera a few weeks ago at a cousin's wedding. I swear I am not taking another camera out at a family function again, (kidding. maybe.) since my 1st camera I also "lost" while I was at a family function. Turns out that one fell in the snow and it was found in the Spring.  I was just  getting the hang of the Canon Power Shot and then like that, it was gone, for good, since no one seems to have it. Long story short, due to a very, very, very gracious Uncle & Aunt of my husbands I got a "new" camera. This one is a DSLR, no clue how to use it and for some reason I am intimidated by it! I really cannot express my thanks to his uncle for even presenting me with the opportunity to use this type of camera.

My new equipment & there is another lens with it as well as the one shown here.  (this not the real life camera)
I hope my photography skills are worthy of this camera.