Sunday, July 21, 2013

The greatest lake ever, etsy shop sale & ramblings

I am doing a summer blowout in my Etsy shop. Please "like" my photography Facebook page  if you're interested in the sale, I will have it posted there. If that link doesn't work you can search discoveryofd on facebook.
My selling is ending this week and I'm not sure if I will post more to sell or not, so this could be your last chance!
I have an idea running through my mind in terms of selling things but I can't post about it yet (secrets, secrets).
Now onto the pics, Lake Superior,
I picked the wrong day to take some photographs of Lake Superior the weekend we were in Ontonagon, Michigan recently. The day I chose to go out it was sunny all day until evening. I went to the beach anyway in hopes that the sky would turn some pretty colors, but it did not.