Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby Eagle & Nest

My first time EVER seeing an eagle's nest and a baby eagle. I thought it was so cool!  Of course, I had to get some pictures of it. Although they aren't superb, here's the story and photos.
On our drive to the place we camped a  couple weekends back we were crossing a bridge in Jim Falls, WI and I noticed this HUGE nest on top of an electric pole.

 I told my husband that  he had to stop for me to try to get pictures of it. We stopped on the other side of the river so I didn't get any great pics. As you can see I couldn't get a  close up of it very well even with the longer lens I have. 

We stopped on the way back from camping so I could try to capture better pictures of it.  Funny story, I got out of the car and ended up walking  closer to the nest. I didn't tell Gary I was even going to try to get closer to it. There was  a  trail all the way down to the nest. The eagle took off and went to the other side of the river once he saw me coming so I didn't get a good picture of it after all. After shooting some photos I figured I should probably head back since I didn't even tell Gary I was going down the trial.  As I was emerging out of the brush I saw Gary looking for me! He said in a few more minutes he was going to call the cops if I didn't come back. At least I know he loves me ;).

I got one "good" picture of him before he took off to the other side of the river. I'm actually still pretty far away from him at that point. 

This is where he ended up. 
I could have stayed for hours to get more pictures and to wait for him to come back, but I had someone searching for me.