Friday, December 27, 2013

Best of 2013

Another Calendar year is coming to an end. Once again, I feel like time FLEW by. I'm going to save my what I learned, how I've grown, etc until my blog anniversary in the Spring. But, here is a list of the most viewed & most commented posts for this year. The Jessie & Jake Maternity Shoot had the most views, 266, for the year. Second was my Irvine Park post that I did in the early Spring. The 3rd most viewed was Jessie's Maternity Shoot Round 1, I guess my sister really boosted my views, I'll have to have her model again ;) !
I have posted 1 from each photo-shoot as well as the links to each post below if you care to see them again.

In 2013 I did venture to get some practice photographing a non-relative and some portrait and maternity photography.
In 2014 I plan to take family photos for 2 people that requested it, try my hand at Newborn photography and perhaps get a little more personal on my blog. As of lately I haven't been doing much photography and I hope to find my inspiration/motivation again soon.

Most Viewed
Jessie & Jake Maternity Shoot 
Irvine Park
Maternity Photos Round 1

These few posts are ones that viewers really seemed to like the best, based on comments they left, etc. Of course, I only remember the more recent ones though! 

Most commented
Frosty Leaves
B&W Park Bench 
Fall in Chassell