Monday, December 16, 2013

Sunday Drive: North-Northwest

It has been much too long since I've updated or even went out to do any photography. As some may know, I HATE winter, so I have to push myself to even want to do things outside since I hate the cold and snow. Doing photography in the winter does have it advantages, it's beautiful and the lighting in perfect.
This past weekend we took a little road-trip to get out of the house and explore a part of Wisconsin we haven't before. We drove North on Hwy 53, with  St. Croix Falls in mind as our "main" place to go once we headed West towards the St. Croix River. We usually just drive and really don't do anything in particular at any town except look around. Along the way we stopped a couple times, our first bathroom break was in Chetek, which for me was great since I spotted a body of misty water with geese on it! it was so pretty, and nothing I had ever seen before. We  ended up driving through Interstate State Park in St. Croix Falls before heading West to Stillwater, MN before heading home. The drive was much needed for my soul since we haven't been anywhere in quite some time and I need to travel as one of my ways to recharge.

Geese and State park will be posts later this week.

Turns out after looking at a map the body of water we stopped by in Chetek is part of a lake.