Monday, October 13, 2014

Rambling & Thoughts

I started this blog almost 2 years ago to better myself as a photographer.  I originally named it Following my Passion but changed it after a friend of mine commented that if it was my PASSION then I should basically be living and breathing photography and continuously getting better at it. So, I changed it to FINDING my passion because I wanted to find what my true passion was. Also, to discover who I am. Isn’t that everyone’s big question, “Who am I”? 
I feel my one true passion is travel, if I could be a travel photographer that’d be awesome.  If I won the jackpot on a lottery you can bet I’d be on a plane on an around the world trip asap!
I’ve had a number of people say I should really start my own photography business. I am too scared to take the dive. I feel I have things to learn and figure out, although maybe I’m just making excuses, like always. In the meantime, I shall continue what I am doing and I will take on photo-shoots as they arrive.
I had a thought to branch out to other topics on my blog besides photography. Such as, parenting, fitness, health, ramblings about life or any other things that cross my crazy mind.  And I’d have some contributors.
Not sure if anyone would even be interested, so I thought I’d ask my readers and do a poll!   
You can find the poll at the top right side of the page.