Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Houghton Breakers in Winter

Ah, the things I have no clue about. I lived in the U.P. (Houghton area)  almost my entire life from birth to my early 20s and there are so many things I have no clue the history about or names, etc. This place is one of them. We only ever referred to it as "the Breakers", you drive down Houghton Canal road till you can't drive anymore and there it is. Upon my search for a more formal name I stumbled across the true name of the place, North Canal Township Park, or aka West Portage Entry (again, didn't know this). There was a sign up (I can't recall what it said) but it made me think that the park may no longer be open, or maybe it was just up since it is winter. The Lake can get quite ferocious, especially in the winter. It was a rather calm day, but I could hear huge waves crashing on the other side of the wall that I could not see. Oh, how I wanted to venture over to it, but it was quite a ways away and my husband already had to make sure I was okay while I was getting these shots in. :)
If you have never been to Lake Superior I suggest you make a special trip to see it. You will not be disappointed. Everyone falls in love with it. It's hard not to!