Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Photo Challenge

I decided to do a challenge for the month of February. I haven't been practicing photography much lately so I thought this would get me to do it more often. It will also force me to blog more.
I would love if you joined me! You can follow me on Instagram & Twitter  (discoveryofd) . I will also be sending the IG photos to Facebook (my personal one), so if you're only a facebooker you can do it there too! I just may give away a prize at the end of this for those that participate with me that have done the best.  Just follow each day's category and make it artistic, I don't want boring shots ;).
I believe everyone can see art or beauty in something if they just look!
Be sure to add #djsrphotochallenge when you post!
If you're off by a day or 2, just catch up. :)
Now go out there with your artistic eye & get some shots!