Monday, June 8, 2015

Photo Contest

Today I entered a local photo contest; I decided to choose a picture from our camping trip at Perrot State Park. There were a few of the trillium pictures that I really liked and couldn't decide from. About a week ago, I placed my order for my contest photos, and then last night I realized that TODAY  at 4p was the deadline to have the photos in and I didn't even have my photos in my  hand yet! (some contest want a digital and a hard copy) So, after some thinking today (who am I kidding, texting a couple people), I called the place and they said that my order never went through. SO, I almost just said forget it, that maybe this was my sign from God that I shouldn't enter this contest this year. But I decided to go with it anyway, I quickly uploaded the pictures to Walgreen's 1 hour photo. They turned out decent considering where it was.  it's so hard to  have a printed picture look as nice as it does on the computer. But, I was pretty satisfied with how they looked once I got them matted
** fingers crossed!** I am kind of excited.

Here is 1 of the photos I chose that didn't print so well. I was disappointed.
( I don't want to post the actual photos I used, in case I shouldn't.)