Thursday, December 27, 2012

My 1st project

About a month ago my best friend's husband asked me to do a special photography project for his wife. He came up with the idea of having me photograph the place he proposed  and the place they got married. Such a sweet idea. Of course I said yes, I was excited to be working on something.  I had a ton of fun doing the project. I took the pictures over Thanksgiving weekend. It was gorgeous on Thanksgiving day  so we drove to the Portage River Entry lighthouse in Jacobsville, MI (White City). The sun was too bright for my liking but I got quite a few nice shots anyway. The next day my hubby and I drove to Calumet, MI to take some photos at  St. Paul the Apostle. It was freezing that day and much to my disappointment the church was locked so I could not get in to take any pictures. We had to go back in the morning and take some after mass. They don't allow people in there very long after mass is over.  I think I was only in there for 30 minutes, I could have stayed a lot longer in there.
Here is the completed art work. He was thrilled with it and my best friend said she LOVED IT. :)
I'd love to work on something like this again.

A couple pictures of the 2 places. I will be doing some entries just for them, soon.

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