Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sunrise on the Atlantic

I am so tired of this weather, as I am sure everyone else is!  I'm tired of looking and taking Winter scene photos. So, I dug into some old photos that I took before  I started this blog. These pictures were taken with the cool-pix camera that I lost in the snow.  I will be SO happy once it is Spring and Summer. So many more things I can take pictures of, plus that means more road-trips!
These photos are from 2009 on the Atlantic Ocean, at Cape Henlopen, DE. Hubby and I first went there on our 1st Wedding Anniversary. I decided to look into a place we could camp by the Ocean and I found this place. I am so glad we ended up there because we went back a handful of times while living in Maryland. It was one of our favorite spots to go.
I do miss going to the ocean.