Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Yesterday  was my birthday, I turned 33. It is so strange how the older you get life goes by faster. I do remember my dad saying this to me as a  teenager but I didn't listen. There is so much more I want to do in life, I can only hope I live long enough to do them.
I meant to post this yesterday but I didn't get around to it. I wish I could say it was because I was busy having a blast. But, really it was because I just didn't feel up to it.

33 Facts you may or may not know about me 

  1.  My favorite color/s is aqua/teal colors
  2. I've only kissed  2 people in my life
  3. I've been "obsessed" with the Spanish Language since I was a little girl. Learning Spanish on Sesame street was the only part I had to watch. 
  4. I've been asked multiple times, "what are you", in reference to my race. 
  5. ^ Most people guess or assume Mexican 
  6. (to answer the question above) I am French, Finnish, Native American & Italian 
  7. give me a few drinks & I am ready to dance, but it has to be some good booty music
  8. I studied abroad for 3 months in Alicante, Spain
  9. I hate the word-moist 
  10. I hate country music. There are only a very few songs I don't hate
  11. My favorite flowers are orchids 
  12. I've lived in a D.C. suburb & learned that the big city is just not for me
  13. I'll always love Michigan
  14. I want to travel the world
  15. I love reading self help books
  16. I graduated with a degree in Health Education & I have yet to put it to use 
  17. I've been to Africa (Morocco)
  18. I was bite by the travel bug as a child. 
  19. ^ I am so grateful my parents loved to travel & I've been able to go to so many places
  20. Spanish was my minor in college; I wish I could say I am fluent
  21. I am a stay at home mom. It is not as easy as you may think, emotionally or otherwise
  22. I am indecisive & unfortunately my son inherited this trait
  23. my favorite season is Spring 
  24. I haven't seen all of the classic 80's movies from start to finish that everyone else seems to love
  25. I've never been high
  26. I'm not a huge fan of 80's music 
  27. I'd rather be out & about doing something rather than sitting around at home (most days)
  28. I am the oldest of 7 kids 
  29. The one "chore" I will not do is iron
  30. I've worked in the food service industry most of my life
  31. I am terrible at lying
  32. I am still discovering who I am
  33. I have yet to accept myself