Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wintery Night

I've come to realize I need to start getting out to shoot more often. My skills are stagnant. Time to focus on this more! Between Life & trying to get more into my Mary Kay business  I haven't been doing much with photography lately. I did the Kid's photo-shoot last month for MOMS Club, which went okay (still have to post those pictures). I really need to feel more comfortable in certain situations though. I hate when I feel unsure of myself.  I booked a Baby Photo-Shoot for next weekend, which I am excited and nervous about! And I've sold a few prints lately. (Remember, if you're interested in anything you see, contact me to buy!)

On to the post. 

I hate winter. Anyone that knows me knows this, but there is a few times I can see the beauty and sort of enjoy it. I snapped these shots at the in-laws over Thanksgiving. Seriously, I did not think it was going to stop snowing when we were there! I didn't quite get what I was going for but I think they turned out pretty neat. I like the black & white ones.